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Kitchens are at the heart and soul of family life in most homes. They are often a family room as well as a meal preparation station. They are where hunger meets satiation with regards to food and comfort. As your family enlarges and even when children grow up and bring their own families, the need for Jacksonville kitchen remodeling grows ever-present. After living in a home, no one is a better expert on exactly which improvements are needed than you. As the economy improves, home renovations that have been postponed are making better sense to folks rather than purchasing a new home or trying to sell an existing home. With mortgages still difficult to obtain, home improvement loans are often easier to secure. With fewer clients qualifying for home mortgages, banks are becoming more competitive on other loans such as home-equity loans. Interest rates are still the lowest they have been in many years. In fact, refinancing your existing loan to a 15-year term and adding your remodeling costs, you can even reduce your current monthly mortgage payment while you upgrade your home.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most popular rooms for remodeling, perhaps because they are so critical to a functioning household. They also have the most appliances and fixtures that can wear out over time. Jacksonville kitchen remodeling not only adds to your family’s enjoyment but can also increase the resale value of your home. An updated kitchen can also enhance your home as a rental property. New kitchens are frequently a major attraction to prospective buyers and are one of the highest “return on investment” areas in any home. They are also the litmus test for many when assessing the overall quality of a home. With new home construction still barely more than at a standstill, there is an availability of laborers who are willing to offer reasonable discounts on renovation work. In addition, many new appliances and products that have been manufactured for a new housing market that cannot readily absorb them and on which remodelers can negotiate reduced pricing. Newer appliances tend to be more energy-efficient, which reduces your utility costs. If you research and coordinate your laborers (essentially act as your own general contractor), you can also reduce your costs. By doing this, you will also have more direct contact with your carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. and be able to communicate your wishes more effectively.

Older kitchens are generally small, separate rooms in a home often without dining or breakfast bar areas. They were designed for functional cooking and not for aesthetics or ambiance. Remodeling can open them up as part of the family room, which is more comfortable, attractive and contemporary. Cabinetry is a major aesthetic statement can be custom-made, stock or refurbished. A dramatic change can be made by replacing that old Formica countertop with Corian, granite, marble or tile, which adds color and texture. Adding a decorative sink and facet is also another eye-catching upgrade that adds elegance to your kitchen. Older kitchens generally lack adequate lighting. A sky light, under the counter lighting, recessed canned lights, or a chandelier-style pendant light can be both functional and distinctive as can larger windows. You can also increase storage space for both small appliances and food items. Flooring can be upgrade from vinyl to hardwood or tile, which are a high-end look and have more durability.
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